Metrics is the buzz word around the softball and baseball world these days.  With new technology, we now have the ability to test more and more aspects of the game.

Actually, metrics have existed for a long time.  Probably since they invented the stopwatch which was technology affecting the game.  The stopwatch game the scouts, recruiters, coaches, and athletes the ability to truly know how fast the runner was without guessing.  Even though the guessing is usually pretty close.

Before, the radar gun, we would throw for distance to determine arm strength.  This was a metric.  Then, the radar gun was starting to be used but not everyone was on board and didn't think it was a valuable tool.  Well, now days almost everyone uses a radar gun.

Bat speed technology now exists through a few devices and we used the Blast Technology to test bat speed, bat velocity, and other important metrics.  We also use a radar gun to test bat exit velocity along with throwing overhand velocity and pitching velocity.  


Metrics has come a long way and it probably going to continue to grow.

We currently test the following Metrics (We take the top results of each of the following):


Pitching Velocity is one of the important Metrics when recruiting pitchers.  Top fastball velocity is almost always at the top of the list.  Most coaches feel they can teach effective secondary pitches but fastball velocity is more of a natural skill that can't be taught.

We will test your main pitches velocities and record your top velocity of these pitches for our database.  


The velocity will be measured with a radar gun. 


The metrics most coaches want to know about catchers is their Pop Time to second base.  


This will be achieved with a stopwatch from the catcher's normal position and throwing to second base.


We will also use a radar gun to test the throwing velocity for the catcher throwing to second base at the same time we are testing the pop time. 


The infielder metrics is primarily the throwing arm velocity.  We will test the athlete while taking ground balls with a radar gun on the throw to first base. 


We will test the outfielders throwing velocity with a radar gun while throwing from the outfield from either ground balls or fly balls. 


With the new technology, we can now test so many hitting metrics.  We have selected the following hitting metrics where we will use the Blast Technology Device as well as a Radar Gun:

  • Bat Speed (How quick the bat gets to contact measured by time in split seconds)

  • Bat Velocity (How fast in MPH the bat moves to contact)

  • Exit Velocity (How fast in MPH the ball is moving from contact)



Running speed is a factor in offense and defense ability.  We test a 20 yard sprint with stop watch for time.