Prospect Video Clips

What are video clips?

It is amazing, everyone, well almost everyone, has a video camera on their phones and can take video in seconds.  A video clip is basically a quick video of an athlete hitting, fielding, throwing, pitching, running or whatever.  Now, there are some limits to the video clip but that is the jest of it. 

Prospect Portal

You have the ability to add so much to your Directory through your Prospect Portal.  Your access is password protected and only you can update it with information such as your game highlights, academic information, game schedule and more.  Well, pretty much everything.  You log in here. 

Why Video Clips?

There are a few advantages to the video clip of which the number one advantage is the ease of it.  You can film an athlete and minutes later send it to the coach.  The coach then can watch it very quickly on her phone.  However, there are some downsides to doing it this way. 

What are the Downsides of Video Clips?

One of the issues is that if the video is not a good angle or is too long or it might not show the athletes at her best.  Another issue is that unless you have been communicating with the coach, it probably isn't going to be effective to "just send the video" to the coach.  Also, as video clips will probably become a pretty effective tool, it will probably eventually overtake the texting of the coach's phones and therefore a lot of athletes get lost. 

That is where we can help

There are three main reasons our video clip playlist will be a huge help:

  • You can send the link to your playlist directly to the coach either to her phone or email and all of your videos will be seen.  Once you join our program, we will send you tips and suggestions to film the very best video clips.

  • College coaches will be able to go through our Prospect Directory and find your profile and video clips.

  • We send out updates every week to college coaches with information about our prospects and links to our Prospect Directory.

  • We will send a link to the five college programs you select for all MVP Members. 

Better than Youtube

Youtube is great and we use it a lot for many of our services but there are some issues with playlists.  One of them is the ads/commercials.  I believe a person can avoid these if they pay for the premium version of Youtube but even with that, there is no guarantee your full playlist will be played easily and completely.  We use a program where all of your videos will be played in succession so the coach will see all of your videos.  Then, when you add more videos your link will not change as all of your videos will be seen.   

Our Prospect Directory

As a former college coach and recruiting coordinator, I know what coaches need to make their lives easier so we created this directory with coaches in mind.  Coaches know what they are looking for and our directory has the most powerful search capabilities in that they can search for virtually any factor they need.  Our goal is to make our Directory the very first place coaches go.  Just remember to keep your profile updated.  It is really important. 

Travel Teams & Prospects

You may not be aware of this but travel team recruiting works in much the same way as college recruiting.  Players are looking for teams and teams are looking for players.  We will help with that as well.  Take off 75% (full amount) if you have not entered High School yet to use our program to find a Travel Team in exactly the same way using exactly the same features.  If you are in HS you can also use the same program for your travel team goals.  We are here to help! 

Profile Link

This is really important.  Each of our prospects has a separate and unique profile link that will take the coach directly to only your profile that includes ALL the information you provide.  (Remember, you only supply the information you want).  Your profile will also include your Video Clip Playlist Link. 

Submitting your Video Clips

Probably the easiest way is to send your video directly from your phone to my phone.  You can send it also to my email.


Once you sign up you will receive more instructions and tips for sending the video.



I am sure you want to see an example.  Here is a great example of a great playlist.


Editing your video(s)

If you want, we can edit your video or videos for you.  Since there are so many different possibilities just submit your request and we will give you a quote for the cost.


Highlight Video

Since you are sending in video clips already we also want to offer a Highlight Video Program where we will put the video clips together as a highlight video.  We can also add this to your Playlist and will add it to our Youtube Channel with sharable links.  Please contact Holly for a quote.


Discounts Available

Some great discounts are available for a limited time as we are developing this service:



  • Everyone Else 50% Off any of the Packages if paid in full.

  • Lesson With Holly Clients Takes off 65% of any package. 

Ready to get started with no obligations?  Just begin by completing the form below and we can get you on your way to finding the college of your dreams!  Not sure still?  We do have a Video Clips FAQ Page but you can still complete the form as you won't have to pay anything until you are sure or you can contact Holly with any questions you may have.