Your Team Prospect Video Session

We are happy you have an interest in this service and we are so excited to offer it to you.  As you already know, a video is a very important tool for the prospective athletes and you don't want to wait until the coach asks for it as it might take too long to get a video shot and produced.  
Also, you know these video's can cost upwards from $500.00 to even $1000.00 from some services.  This is crazy.  We want to help the prospect save some money and a great way to do that is through a group session.  Here are some details about our service for YOUR team!

The Filming

Holly will do the filming.  She typically uses three cameras to make sure nothing is missed and to have three different views when editing the film.  The advantage of a former college coach doing the filming is she knows what coaches are looking for and can create the environment during the filming to make sure that is captured in the video.


In today's world, metrics are really helpful in the recruiting process and we use all of the most recent metrics along with some traditional ones.  Click here for more details about Metrics.
Also, we will do the metrics for your whole varsity team even if they do not participate in the video.  In addition to this free service, we will send you a spreadsheet with all of your teams' metrics.  This is is a free add on if we have at least six athletes participate in the video service.

Video Production

Immediately after the filming is shot, we will begin the production process.  With multiple video's it may take a little longer but we will work hard to get them all finished within three weeks.  Holly will also do the editing and production and once again this is an advantage over just a videographer as she knows what coaches are looking for in a skills video.
Want to see an example, click here!

Prospect Directory

Our Prospect Directory is extremely powerful in that a coach can search for prospects using virtually any criteria that are important to them.  Once the video is completed, it will be added to our YouTube Channel and the link to your video will be on your Prospect Profile in our directory.  Here is our Prospect Directory.

YouTube Channel

The cool thing about a YouTube Channel is a prospect can be searched for and found in much the same way our Prospect Directory offers.  So, in reality, your video will be available on two softball prospect directories.  Of course, the other thing that is huge with a YouTube video is it can be very easily shared with coaches (well, anyone) via email and they can see the video on any device.  


We will save money if we can do this at your facility where you practice or play as long as we don't have to pay for a rental fee.  If we do need to rent a venue we will need to spread that cost out to the participants.  We do have venues available in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area so let us know what you prefer.
We will travel pretty much anywhere.  If it is more than 100 miles we might have to discuss mileage but seriously, if it is in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky or Tennessee we can be there.  Farther?  We don't say no to anywhere until we feel we need to.  Let's talk and figure out how to do it.

Date and Time

We will work with you for your best date and time for this session but please allow 2 hours for the session and 30 minutes prior to prepare and registration.
Schedule now for the spring and even summer to not miss this deal!


Video Services are typically very expensive but we want to keep our costs down as much as possible.  Currently, we are offering 50% off our Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels but since filming in a group session will save some time we will offer additional discounts based on the number of participants.  It is a bit complicated but the general idea is that the more that participate the larger the savings.  Click here for the pricing.


We must have a minimum of four (4) athletes and pay their $25.00 deposit and we will not take more than twelve (12) athletes.
Since registration is limited, we are requiring a small deposit.
  • The deposit amount is $25.00 and is required at the time of your registration and this will lock in your athlete.
    • ​We will refund your deposit only if we have at least 10 participants for the session of which you registered and you cancel at least 72 hours prior to the session or we do not get the minimum of four registered athletes by the deadline.
Once you register, you will begin to receive additional emails with instructions and tips for the session but as always feel free to contact us with any questions.
Note:  National Softball Prospects, Lessons With Holly and National Fastpitch Academy operates under National Diamond Academy, LLC and alll are owned by Holly Knight.​

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still need some questions answered, we have added a FAQ page and we will update it regularly so please check there for answers or you can contact us here. 

Ready to Register

We will open a registration page once we have decided the date, time and location for your team and we will send the coach the registration link. 

Still Not sure?

Coach, If you need to talk to someone you can call Holly at 502-262-9195 or you can email her at
Or simply complete the form below and Holly will get back to you as quickly as possible.